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Dagne Dover


I want to talk about just how fond I am of my new dagne dover bag.

Brief introduction, I am the type of bag-user who keeps a lot of things, frivolous or not is another question, in case of an “emergency”. I’ve encountered way too many incidents where I had to buy an item I already have at home just because I forgot to bring it with me. And that’s usually okay for me but here’s the thing, one of the resolutions I’m making for 2017 is to spend less money on things that don’t matter (hence the increased frequency of cooking so I spend less money on food that I could basically just make myself) which 101% includes itty bitty items that I already have at home.

I don’t remember the number of times I’ve bought a hair tie or a tank top from a workout place because I forgot to pack mine in. I don’t remember the number of times I’ve spent money on a lip balm because I absolutely needed something for my dry lips in that instance. And the worst habit of them all is buying a pair of sunglasses on holiday because I forgot to bring one out of the 27487246246 I have at home.

And so the contents in my bag are usually pretty similar to an overly prepared (in singapore we say kiasu, google it) santa claus- the kind who doesn’t want to forget anything and therefore packs EVERYTHING. Because of this, to reach for my keys to get into my apartment usually takes about 3-5 minutes of intense digging, sometimes crippled with a green tea latte on one hand thank you very much.

I’ve seen dagne dover all over social media and their bags have caught my eyes one too many times but I could never justify yet another bag purchase. I attended their event 2 weeks ago and MY GOD, was it a match made in heaven. It felt like the God of bags had answered all of my prayers and came up with a bag that was EXACTLY what I needed.

My mom uses these ultra-functional bag organizers that I used to laugh at her about. They were these black a4 sized things that had a compartment for everything that you eventually slot into your bag. “Look at mommy’s bag in a bag!” my sisters and I used to mock, but as I grew older I started to realize the usefulness of those things but man, they were U G L Y and I cannot, must not, allow myself to commit such a fashion faux pas, at least not at the PRIME age of 25 #ohgodno

But this bag, this bag was that AND IT’S CUTE. I received my simone satchel in bone last wednesday and had SUCH A FUN TIME moving all the contents of my school bag into its respective compartments. The inside of my bag has never looked so neat and organized. And it literally goes with every single outfit. No, really, it’s actually challenging to think of an outfit that does not go with this bag.

I came home last friday night with a green tea latte on one hand and no fear. I simply slipped my hand into the compartment containing my keys and unlocked the gate of my apartment smugly, without messing even the slightest strand of hair.

Disclaimer: Dagne Dover did not ask me to write a post for them. I was so pleased with the bag I simply wanted to share the experience. So this post is 101% of my own accord.

Link to my bag: here

Link to their site: here

Link to the bag I want to buy next: here