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Birdies DTLA


Lately, I’ve been craving for things I don’t typically like and no I’m not pregnant thank you very much. I mean I could always appreciate a good donut but I’ve never yearned for one the same way I’ve been the past couple of months. It seems whenever I’m looking to indulge in a sweet treat, my mind immediately darts to donuts.

LA has a ton of donut places, I’m the last person to jump on the donut bandwagon, I think, but hey better late than never right? My two favourite donut shops are birdies (for their flavours) and sidecar (for their perfectly fried doughs). I haven’t quite found my identity yet as a donut-consumer and so I can’t say with utmost certainty what kind of flavour I like best or whether I prefer them light and airy or dense and cake-like. If I absolutely had to pick <i>one</i>, I suppose I’d go with the lemon and thyme one from birdies.

It’s incredible to be able to get them delivered to my doorstep. So many of my favourite restaurants and cafes are on postmates now! It’s only a matter of time before I order sqirl on postmates because well, sqirl’s the best but their lines are insane. Postmates is the answer really. In situations like these, I’m really glad to be born in a time when technology is at its prime!