amanda gunawan.


Salton Sea


Salton sea, shot on google pixel. Absolutely impressed with the quality of the photos of the pixel, it was such a breeze to edit without the fear of losing resolution. Salton sea was breathtakingly gorgeous. There was a stillness about it, an air of silence, the strong smell of death and decay combined with a perplexing ecosystem. Everything looked dead yet there was life. It was what I imagined a purgatory to look like in my head. 

The loud caws of seagulls echoing in the motionless sky. 

I watched as one of them swooped down to pick up the bones of a dead fish on a sea of dead fish. He drops it soon after. “It’s dead” he must have thought to himself. 

Just like everything the salton sea touches. 

I trudged on and realize that I had been walking on the bones of dead animals and not rocks like I had initially thought. Close by I see the skull of a seagull. A foreshadowing of what would become of the noisy, pesky creatures circling above me. Eventually they will die.

Just like everything in this world, salton sea or not.