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Google Pixel

This never got posted on Instagram because of issues with the song’s copyright and such. I tried changing the song to a couple of different versions of it but Instagram still refused to let me upload it so it ended up being shown to family and friends only.

I digress.

Anyways, here is a video of what a typical sunday looks like for me. Because school usually occupies the bulk of my time during the weekdays, I try to spend as much time with my dogs as possible during the weekends, which really isn’t that hard to do in Los angeles given the perfect weather and thus everything is essentially an outdoor activity and so DOGS ARE ALLOWED. I’m going to do a post one day of all my favourite dog-friendly places because it took quite a bit of trial and error (and lots of intense research) to come up with this list.

I digress. Again.

So this post is about making the switch from Iphone to Google Pixel. This is going to be a long google appreciation post so bear with me guys.

I had been using my iphone 6 for the longest time, anxiously anticipating the release of the new iphone 7 so I could make the switch. Two weeks before the release of the iphone 7, alas I dropped my phone into the toilet. Anyone who’s ever done something as careless that would know that that basically marked the end of my iphone 6. I tried to salvage as much as I could though, I brought it to repair shops, put it in rice etc etc only to find out what I had already known from the start, that it was over for my iphone.

The clock struck twelve that one fateful night and preorders for the iphone 7 had opened up. I quickly made an order for the iphone 7+. I somehow felt like I deserved that little upgrade after having lived with the dreadfully slow iphone 5 for two weeks. I know right, I am very spoiled and grossly dependent on technology.

So the day came when the iphone 7+ was finally in my hands. I remember my fiancee helping me set up the switch. He likes doing these things. I also remember him finally being done with the preparations and handing it to me for its first official usage. I fiddled with it for a good one to two hours or so and then the novelty wore off.

My fiancee was quite bothered by this as he had expected a much more lasting period of novelty and excitement. We are both major electronic whores. We love buying new gadgets and are constantly in awe of how advanced we, as a society, have become.

Eg. When we first got the google chromecast, we couldn’t stop raving about it, basically showing off its abilities to anyone and everyone.

Eg. 2 When we first saw the preview for the surface studio, we were both left speechless for a good 5 minutes or so and had a long conversation that night before we slept about how amazing it was! We are also certain that we’re responsible for at least 50% of the views on that preview video because I don’t remember the number of times we’ve shown that preview to people. And by people I don’t mean just family and friends but random people working at shops and restaurants and cafes.

So I distinctly remember him asking me, in the manner that he would when he had something bothering him for days, “Why don’t you seem to like your new phone? You don’t seem very excited by it anymore.”

He was right, I wasn’t. I had “level-upped” two generation of iphones and yet I wasn’t all that impressed. Nothing in my life had radically and visibly improved the way it should have given the gap between the release of the iphone 5 and the iphone 7+ was 2 years or so? A LOT has changed within the past two years and A LOT should have changed.

Two weeks later, I received a gift from Google, the Google pixel. I had absolutely no need for a new phone. In fact, I was probably the worst candidate to like this phone. I had all reasons not to. I was supposed to still be drunk in love with my new iphone 7.

Like a proper social media influencer, I decided that in order for me to be able to give an unbiased (as much as possible) review of the pixel and accurately review it, I would need to actually use it, as my main phone. And I did.

I enjoyed everything about it. And ask anyone around me, I couldn’t stop talking about it and showed it to everyone every chance I got. This was the overdue excitement that should’ve happened with the iphone 7+.

Let’s start with the camera. I am an extremely active user of instagram. I sometimes edit my photos on lightroom but most of the time, let’s be honest, I do not have time for that. I thrive on good natural light and take my photos using my phone and edit them thereafter. Edits can be simple depending on the strength of your phone’s camera as well as the light available during the time the picture was taken. With the pixel, I rarely have to make any drastic edits. Here and there with saturation to go with my feed but really nothing much with the rest.

Also, a lot of the success of instagram photos are about the composition of images. This means cropping and skewing, which requires an image of high resolution. With my old phone, it was impossible! Cropping down to anything less than 70% of the original image basically meant the image was gone, immediately un-instagrammable! With the pixel however, I could crop to 30% of the original image and still have it sharp enough to edit. It’s amazing, really. The image quality also allows me to skew the image, when I accidentally tilt my phone to a certain angle when doing flatlays, without losing resolution.

If I had a penny for the number of times in my life I’ve gotten notified by my iphone for not having enough storage……. And that all-too-familiar process of spending a good hour transferring photos from my iphone into my hard drive…….

Gone are the days! Good riddance! I can’t and I shan’t ever stop raving about the unlimited storage feature of the pixel. It is the most convenient thing in the world and I just never knew that it existed prior to this.

The seamlessness of transferring images from your computer to your phone via google drive and basically having a cloud-based drive to transfer stuff painlessly back and forth is just life-saving for me as a college student/ instagrammer.

I could go on and on really but let’s ask the question we’re all thinking…..

Why didn’t I get the pixel instead of the iphone? It all stemmed from a fear of change. I was so used to the iphone interface that I was so afraid of making the switch, even if it meant for the better, which in this case it was. I thought I would have to re-learn all these things and I was just so used with how everything worked on my iphone. The home button will no longer be at the centre of the phone. It will be odd to look at a screen that’s not an iphone screen. And let me tell you with all honesty that NONE OF IT MATTERED. I was clearly overthinking and I didn’t face any of those problems.

All in all, I am glad I made the switch.

Like I’ve mentioned so many times before, Google has rarely disappointed me. I am a proud owner of the pixel, the chromecast and the google home. I am also typing this entire blog entry on google chrome even though the default browser for my mac is the safari.

Oh and I also got my dad and my sister to get the pixel. They are both currently using their pixels and loving the change from the iphone. Sometimes you just have to be the first one to take the leap of faith and others will follow by example after seeing the positive effects of that leap of faith.